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The book

Goodplanet publishes 2 degrees too - Understanding the Copenhagen Summit - a book to inform and educate the public, give him the keys to enter the scientific, economic and political issues of global warming and allow him to act. The Copenhagen summit promises to be a most important decade for the historic environment issue , probably the same event . 2 degrees too - Understanding the Copenhagen Summit - not only shows how everyone, every day , contributing to global warming, but it also shows that we have all the means and ability to act to limit the phenomenon . Both educational and outreach , illustrated by photographs of Yann Arthus -Bertrand and many graphics , 2 degrees too - Understanding the Copenhagen Summit - helps to understand the global and international climate negotiations . Text and graphics to read based on the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC or IPCC) , which brings together top scientists on the subject. Thanks to them , we know that the temperature will rise at least 2 ° C in the coming decades . It is already too late to prevent it. But not to aggravate this situation citizens, businesses, communities and States must take the measure of the challenge and especially respond. True to its education and outreach mission GoodPlanet designed this book to encourage them to do the best . 2 degrees too - Understanding the Copenhagen Summit - is a book about what we know about global warming , its causes, impacts and possible solutions through 9 chapters : Finding - Mechanisms and causes - Questions and Objections - Scenarios and futures - Adaptation - Solutions or mitigation - Kyoto - Negotiations : challenges - Act . This book is also available free on the information portal environment GoodPlanet

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  • Authors: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Fondation GoodPlanet
  • Publisher: Editions de la Martinière
  • ISBN: 2732440582
  • EAN: 9782732440583
  • Publishing date:
  • Year: 2009
  • Language: Français