Safari vénitien : Carnaval de Vénise

The book

D.Briand & R. Laffont, épuisé.

Yann Arthus -Bertrand would he demonstrate learning to observe the animal is also an excellent way to watch live the human race ? In the fall of 1982 when he came to tell me about his project to photograph the carnival of Venice, I doubted that he was capable - him that I filed in the difficult specialty but limited wildlife photography - renew this kind, Day when man hood to deceive others and himself , where many famous photographers were shown before him. The first pictures he brought Venice subdued me immediately ... I did not ask how Yann has worked in Venice ... But now single photograph where a dancer crosses , air , instead of the Doges suddenly deserted and drowned in rain and the moment a family of lions crossed a water arm of the African bush in a jump of rare perfection , is actually not the same trade, the same talent? Thus was born the " Venetian Safari" that bears his name. And reveals the French public a young photographer who has not finished , I take the bet to surprise .


  • Authors: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Georges Rivière
  • Publisher: Editions D. Briand et R. Laffont
  • ISBN: 2903716056
  • EAN: 978-2903716059
  • Publishing date:
  • Year: 1983
  • Language: Français