La Terre vue du ciel : Un portrait aérien de la planète

Inside the book

The Heart of Voh in 1990, New Caledonia (French Overseas Territory) (20°56’S, 164°39’E).© All rights reserved


  • (fr) "Les spectaculaires photos aériennes d'une planète partagée entre splendeurs et misères sont en train de battre un record : celui du beau-livre le plus vendu dans l'histoire du beau-livre"

    — Le Nouvel Observateur, janvier 2000

The book

Revised edition 2003, Editions de la Martinière.

In 1999 the first edition of "The Earth from the Air" - the result of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's five-year airborne odyssey over six continents - was published. Now this work has been revised and expanded for the 21st century, with additional photographs, all-new essays and updated information.

How can we ensure sustainable development and preserve the Earth for future generations? The crisis facing the global population propelled Arthus-Bertrand on his mission to create a portrait of the world - both of its natural beauty and its precarious condition, including the impact of human civilization on the land.;In views ranging from spectacular panoramas of vast geographical formations to intimate glimpses of small-scale features of the landscape, the photographs give a remarkable account of the Earth's surface. New essays written by environmental specialists:

  • Lester Brown, "Building an eco-economy"
  • Hervé Le Bras, "World population and the environment"
  • Jean-Robert Pitte, "Urban landscapes, landscapes of urbanism"
  • Laurence Roudart and Marcel Mazoyer, "Farmers of the world: the price of our future"
  • Marie-France Dupuis-Tate and Bernard Fischesser, "Water: humanity's heritage"
  • Jean-Marie Pelt, "Biodiversity, a question of survival"
  • Christian Buchet, "A plea for the seas"
  • Anne Juillet-Leclerc, "Changing climates"
  • Reiner Klingholz, "Renewable energy"
  • Christian Brodhag, "Toward a sustainable development"
  • Edward Goldsmith, "What do we do?"


  • Authors: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • Publisher: Editions de la Martinière
  • ISBN: 2732444022
  • EAN: 9782732432977
  • Publishing date:
  • Year: 2005
  • Language: Français