Fondation GoodPlanet - Domaine de Longchamp

Le Domaine de Longchamp is the first place dedicated to ecology and humanism in Paris. With family or friends, the GoodPlanet Foundation proposes to experience a generous and positive ecology at Domaine de Longchamp.

It is a unique park of 3.5 hectares of preserved nature where many free activities are offered for children and parents, indoors in the magnificent Chateau de Longchamp, or outdoors in « La Clairière » or along our discovery trail.

From Wednesday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00 and also during weekends from 11:00 to 19:00 the GoodPlanet Foundation offers a rich and diverse program: • Discover the Other with the 8h of videos of the HUMAN exhibition and wild nature with 60 photos of the TERRA exhibition. • Travel to the movies and documentaries in our cinema and talk to directors, scientists or associations • Sit in "La Clairière" with your picnic and enjoy to try eco-friendly food with our catering offer • Come to vibrate with the sound of world music with our unprecedented exhibition "Passeurs de Sons" and dance at the outdoor concerts we organize regularly • Introduce yourself to our many workshops: discovery of handcraft, nature, homemade, yoga classes, etc. • Easily explore biodiversity near you by visiting our orchard, hives, nature trail.

Enjoy a moment of conviviality in a benevolent place and open to all.