Saint Aignan De Cramesnil, Calvados

The School

The town of Saint Aignan de Cramesnil gave its kindergarten the name of Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Right from the start the team really wanted Yann's visit to mean something for the children, they wanted the children to understand fully what was happening.

To undertake this task, the teachers first taught the children to spell Yann's name! Then they watched one of the programmes from the “Vu du ciel” series, to work with the themes of photography and sustainable development.

The children then participated in different projects like for example taking a photo of their surroundings in school. Indeed every child had before hand to explain which photo he wanted to take and why. The surroundings were proportional to age, the 4-5 year olds could take a picture of what they wanted in the schoolroom, the 5-6 year olds could pick from the whole school and outside the school. This led to unexpected photographs like close-ups of children's scooters, locks on wardrobes, little toilets and the class’s white dove. These photos were shown the day of the inauguration. On that same day a painting was made from Yann's photo "Coeur de Voh" with adults and children's handprints.

The children really enjoyed these projects.

Some time later, one of the classes of the school came to Paris for the opening of the exhibition "Vivants", that took place at the Quai Branly.

Still today, the children talk about Yann !

A big Thank you to you all!

Saint Aignan De Cramesnil, Calvados

Yann explains to the children the problem of climate change © Aurelie Miquel

Saint Aignan De Cramesnil, Calvados

Yann in front of the painting of the "Coeur de Voh", made with handprints of adults and children© Aurelie Miquel

Saint Aignan De Cramesnil, Calvados

Children listening to Yann's explanation© Aurelie Miquel