Yann Arthus-Bertrand supports the ban on plastic bags

On Thursday, July 3rd Minister for Ecology Segolene Royal announced the abolition of the disposable plastic bags. This measure with receipt the support of yann arthus bertrand, the president of the foundation GoodPlanet. Sat to the left of the Secretary him showed his support and was delighted at one "bravo". Measure of common sense, the not biodegradable plastic ban on bags participates in the environmental protection, in the reduction of the wasting and the waste and our dependence in the oil.

This measure joins in the sustainable development and should also allow the relocation of a part of the production of bags intended for a daily use in France. The ban on the plastic bags makes left a series of 5 measures in favour of the biodiversity. Of numerous plastic waste.

" Developing countries as Mali, Senegal or Haiti, already forbade these plastic bags, then I hope that us, rich country, us are capable of it. Otherwise it is revolting "

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