Yann meets Uruguayan president for a particular interview.

But who is this outsized president ? And why Yann think it's important for his next film Human? José Mujica renamed "Pepe" by Uruguayan president who is out of the ordinary . 78 years old , he came to power in 2010 after having been from 2005 to 2008 Minister of Agriculture. "Pepe" came to power decides not to go into the "codes" of the presidency, he goes home every night to his farm outside the Uruguayan capital . A modest little house. During his travels or his meetings he does not opt ​​for the suit and tie for jeans but see if you are jogging home. His bodyguards mission is to let people get close to him and kiss him , only one car comes with him. The most formidable is that it reverse 90 % of his salary to social projects of his party. Despite its function and responsibilities so it remains a simple man . A very nice interview for Human http://www.human-themovie.org

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