EYE ON EARTH (12-15 december 2011)

Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand discussed how he uses aerial photography to change the perspective of others about the planet, its ecosystems, and mankind’s impact on the Earth and its fellow inhabitants. He showed a portion of his copyright-free film “Home,” intended to teach people to respect “this work of art we live on.” He also showed a video from his latest project “6 Billion Others,” which interviews people from around the world about their aspirations and perspectives.

Eye on Earth will focus on many topics related to environmental information networking, including Disaster Management, Oceans & Blue Carbon, Water Security, Innovative Cities, Networks Beyond Information Technology - and more.

Working Groups and Open Sessions will help us reach a consensus on the key data and information issues that Rio +20 needs to focus on. These will be presented to Rio + 20 by AGEDI, on behalf of the Eye on Earth Community in the Eye on Earth Declaration.

Yann Arthus Bertrand Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker Earth From Above

EYE ON EARTH (12-15 décembre 2011)